World Health Day 2020

Posted on April 07, 2020, 11:51 am
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Η Πανελλήνια Συνδικαλιστική Ομοσπονδία Νοσηλευτικού Προσωπικού (Πα.Σ.Ο.Νο.Π)  – βασική προϋπόθεση είναι η δωρεάν, δημόσια και ποιοτική υγεία για όλους.

Η Πα.Σ.Ο.Νο.Π υπενθυμίζει πως για ένα πραγματικά δημόσιο σύστημα υγείας, χωρίς ανισότητες στην πρόσβαση των πολιτών, πρέπει να βελτιωθούν και οι όροι εργασίας καθώς και η άρση των ανισοτήτων μέσα στο ίδιο το ΕΣΥ.

Η θεσμοθέτηση ειδικού επαγγελματικού νοσηλευτικού κλάδου που θα διεκδικεί ασφαλείς αναλογίες νοσηλευτών / ασθενών, άρα ποιοτικότερους όρους νοσηλείας, αποτελεί πάγιο αίτημα της Πα.Σ.Ο.Νο.Π.

Ένα σύστημα δημόσιας, δωρεάν φροντίδας υγείας που δεν θα θεωρεί την Υγεία ως εμπόρευμα αλλά ως κοινωνικό αγαθό.

What is World Health Day about?

7 April 2020 is the day to celebrate the work of nurses and midwives and remind world leaders of the critical role they play in keeping the world healthy. Nurses and other health workers are at the forefront of COVID-19 response – providing high quality, respectful treatment and care, leading community dialogue to address fears and questions and, in some instances,  collecting data for clinical studies. Quite simply, without nurses, there would be no response.

In this International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, World Health Day will highlight the current status of nursing and around the world. WHO and its partners will make a series of recommendations to strengthen of the nursing and midwifery workforce.

This will be vital if we are to achieve national and global targets related to universal health coverage, maternal and child health, infectious and non-communicable diseases including mental health, emergency preparedness and response, patient safety and the delivery of integrated, people-centered care, amongst others.

We are calling for your support on World Health Day to ensure that the nursing and midwifery workforces are strong enough to ensure that everyone, everywhere gets the healthcare they need.

The tagline for World Health Day is: Support nurses and midwives.

State of the World’s Nursing Report 2020

On World Health Day, we are launching the first ever State of the World’s Nursing Report 2020. The report provides a global picture of the nursing workforce and support evidence-based planning to optimize the contributions of this workforce to improve health and wellbeing for all. The report sets the agenda for data collection, policy dialogue, research and advocacy, and investment in the health workforce for generations to come. A similar report on the Midwifery workforce will be launched in 2021. The full report in English and Executive summaries in the 6 official languages can be access from the link below. The language versions of the full report will be available in May 2020.

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